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For hundreds of years, leather has been a mainstay in the fashion industry for clothes and furniture. This versatile material made from cow’s skin is prized for its durability, toughness, smooth appearance, smell and ability to resist moisture. It is also very adaptive and can stretch or change shape depending on its application. Leather upholstery is widely used and can be found in many homes up and down the UK. As seasoned fabric cleaners covering the Lancashire area, we have had our share of experiences providing upholstery cleaning in Preston and other nearby locations. We are experienced at bringing back life into your leathers and have helped prolong the life of many leather upholsteries over the years.

Leather its self has been around for nearly as long as humans. So despite the availability of hundreds of new engineered fabrics on the market, why is leather still a favourite? Take a look at this compilation of interesting facts we found about leather:

Leather is versatile

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Leather is a breathable and reactive material that responds differently to changing conditions. It has a unique ability to not only absorb moisture when soft but to also disperse it into the environment. When looking at the leather upholstery this is a huge benefit as armchairs, sofas come into almost daily contact with human skin, room moisture and maybe even a few spills. By being able to actively expel moisture, treated leather can last a long time if cared for properly and maintained through professional upholstery cleaning.

Leather Is Old




Leather has been around a very long time and harks back to the pre-historic age where we would use animal skins to keep warm. The Egyptians, Romans and Hebrews all perfected the use of leather making and used it in things like sandals, ship sails and clothing. By the 15th century, leather was used widespread especially in upholstery and a burgeoning industry of craft makers formed to deal with the demand for leather upholstery from the wealthy.

Leather is one of Italy’s biggest exports

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Leather accounts for one of Italy’s top ten exports and earned the country a total of $8.1 in 2018. Italian leather is traditionally known for its high quality which stems from using traditional methods coupled with centuries of leather making experience. The process of using vegetable matter to tan leather was actually invented in Tuscany with the area between¬†Pisa and Florence said to produce the finest leather. On the other hand, larger countries export the most leather eg. China who produces over 4 billion square foot per year.

Leather Is Renewable








Leather is an eco-friendly material as it is made from cow hides. As the material is not based on plastics, it means that it will bio-degrade and not impact the environment when disposed of.

There are different types of leather

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Full grain leather has not undergone any sanding, buffing, structural treatment or separation. This means that the grain of the hide and layers of skin are still intact, making full grained leather tough, robust and beautiful. It comes at quite a cost to any manufacturer and is very thick hence why full grain products are usually quite expensive. Full grain leather is often known as the best grade of leather available closely followed by top grain leather which tends to be slightly more processed, sanded and thinned out

Upholstery Cleaning In Preston For Your Leathers

When taken care of, leather can look great and last a lifetime. Some soaps can dry out leather upholstery and leave it looking cracked and faded. For professional upholstery cleaning in Preston, you need Wrennalls. Our highly trained and careful leather upholstery experts will leave your leather upholstery looking better than before! Call today 01772 364564.






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