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Total Carpet, Fabric And Floor Care Solutions In Chorley

If you are looking for ‘carpet cleaning Chorley’, Wrennalls are the company for you. When you live in your own home, keeping your flooring clean can be extremely difficult especially because most of the dirt and germs are invisible. Keeping your floor clean is a very good routine to get yourself into, as it can offer a selection of benefits. So, if you live in Chorley and the surrounding areas and you would like your carpet professionally cleaned please give us a call today on 01772 970 683 or our domestic cleaning page for more information on this service. 

The Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Extends The Life Of Your Carpet 

One major benefit of professional carpet cleaning services is that it can extend the life of your carpet. Over time dust, dirt, allergens and other debris can accumulate in the carpet and then become embedded in the fibres. Removing this dirt and debris will help improve the longevity of the carpet.


Healthier Environment 

Some of the dirt and allergens that get trapped in the carpet fibres may find themselves in your breathing air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions and other health issues. Professional carpet cleaning kills off these allergens so they are no longer a health threat. 

Enhances Appearance


Did you know that the carpet is the largest furnishing in the room? It is also the one that receives the most use. It makes sense, but not many people give much thought about exactly how much dirt is being tracked every day. Professional carpet cleaning can keep not only the fibres looking new but also improve the aesthetics of the room. 


What Is Fusion Care?

The Dry Fusion carpet cleaning system is exclusive to Wrennalls which make them the best service providers in cleaning technology. Dry Fusion consists of a method that heat cleans, deodorises and stain safeguards everything from manufactured to organic carpets and many more. 

Environmentally Friendly

Fusion Care uses 95% less water than normal systems, it produces no waste, uses no hazardous products, biodegradable cleaning solutions and all packaging can be recycled. Wrennalls are proud to do everything they can for the environment which is why we use a green product which will help to protect your carpet and environment.

Carpet Cleaners Available In Chorley

Wrennalls have been established for over 30 years and are proud to provide a full range of carpet, fabric and floor care services to a range of private and public installations. If you need carpet cleaners in Chorley, Wrennalls can help. Our team are committed to providing our clients with a full service from start to finish to the highest of standards. If you would like more information on our services please get in touch with us today on 01772 972 617.


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