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Industrial Maintenance and Scheduled Cleaning Contracts :

In today’s commercial buildings, carpet and flooring has become an integral part of the overall design concept.  Today, it is not just a floor covering, it is used by Architects and Designers to complement the décor and fittings. Much lighter fashion and pastel colours are used extensively.  Exciting designs are used to highlight particular areas within an installation. Many high street shops are commissioning their own designs, to give uniform appearance from shop to shop.

With this change of attitude, the approach to floor care must also alter. Provision must be made at an early stage in the planning, for an ongoing maintenance programme and funds allocated within the total budget.  Particular attention needs to address the size and type of barrier mats to maximize soiling from entering the building. Unless a large enough walk off area is provided, the carpet surrounding the dirt barrier becomes an extension of it with the consequent early soiling.  Carpet is an excellent shoe cleaner and 80% of soiling is carried into buildings on footwear.

It must be accepted from the outset that lighter colours will require more cleaning than the darker colours, which were previously used.  Areas around entrances and where carpet butts up to hard flooring will require more attention than areas further into the building. Dirt, dust and grit are the carpet’s worst enemy.  Solid contamination settles to the base of the pile and quietly grinds away creating premature wear.  Moisture, spillages and atmospheric pollution create the perfect environment for bacterial growth if left for long.

It is an unfortunate fact that carpet and floor coverings within in the work environment are not looked after as well as they are in the home. Spillages are left to become established and in the past, daily cleaning has often been left to untrained staff to quickly run over the carpet with an antiquated cleaner. Clearly, with the use of lighter colours this attitude has to change if companies are to retain the corporate image they wish to present.

Crisis cleaning, that is only taken when the carpet and flooring looks dirty, is often too late for acceptable restoration. Many of the latest man made fibres used in carpet and flooring  production have been designed to hide soiling.  Due to this, by the time that soiling is visible on the surface the base contains a considerable buildup of dirt, staining and scratches.  Severe treatment may be needed to attempt to remove this dirt, and there could be permanent damage to the carpet and flooring  resulting in premature replacement at a substantial cost and inconvenience to the building occupiers.

Fortunately, Wrennalls have specialist cleaning techniques and can offer constructive advice and undertake ‘Planned Maintenance’ on a regular ongoing basis.  These ongoing maintenance programs ensure that the appearance of the carpet is retained throughout its working life.  If it is considered worthwhile to make a substantial investment installing carpet, surely it must be equally worthwhile protecting that investment?.

The first step in implementing a Carpet Maintenance Program is to undertake a free, no obligation   survey of all barrier systems, carpet and floorcoverings within the building and review the existing cleaning procedures and equipment. Once this survey is complete, we will then submit a detailed report identifying the areas of concern along with a comprehensive program of planned maintenance that will ensure your carpet and floorcoverings are maintained to the highest possible standard.

To book a free site survey simply click on the link below and a member of our operations team will contact you to make a mutually convenient appointment.

Servicing Public and Private Sectors

No two commercial buildings are ever the same and before any work is started, our team of professional inspectors will carefully identify the exact requirements of premises prior to drawing up a detailed plan of action. Only once this full method statement is prepared, (having fully understood the nature and usage of the building, the type of floor covering or fabric and the degree of soiling that is to be removed) – will work commence.
We have access to a wide range of unique, innovative and specialist cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure that the highest standard of service is always provided. Every cleaning solution selected will ensure the highest standard of environmental safety for your employees and your building. All our technicians receive industry approved training delivered both in-house and via external agencies. We ensure competence in all posts by controls applied as part of a very focussed Integrated Management System. We are proud to state publically that our management systems are registered by a UKAS accredited assessment authority (ISOQAR) – to include the following Standards:

1) ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
2) ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems and
3) OHSAS 18001- Health, Safety and Welfare Management Systems.
Registration has been maintained since June 2004

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