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Q. What is DryFusion?

A. This is a patented carpet cleaning system exclusive to Wrennalls. Dry Fusion technology allows us to deodourise, dry and clean your carpets within half an hour. The system combines the use of hot water extraction and deep mechanical cleaning agitation to thoroughly cleanse every fibre of your carpet from top to bottom. The process essentially removes any dirt, suspends it in a liquid form transferring it out.  

Q. How much is professional carpet cleaning?

A. Prices depend on the size and type of carpet in question. There are many different types of carpet all made from different materials which need to be treated differently, some carpets will require greater attention than others and will therefore command a higher price in terms of labour. Keeping this in mind it is best to send us an enquiry with specifics and we can then provide an accurate quote.

Q. Isn’t hoovering enough?

A. Whilst hoovering will remove a portion of surface dirt, it will not tackle what lies deeper in your carpets which is why thorough level carpet cleaning is often required. Our carpet cleaning technology will completely clean and condition the fibres of your carpet so that their overall quality is maintained.  

Q. I have velvet or wool carpets, will they get damaged?

A. Absolutely not. At Wrennalls we are the most recognised carpet cleaning firm in the North West of England and have over 30 years experience in cleaning and re-conditioning every kind of carpet imaginable. Our specialist cleaning operatives are unbelievably knowledgeable when it comes to best practice for cleaning even the most delicate of carpets.

Q. What areas do you serve

A. We have a footprint covering the most of Lancashire and the North West including Leyland, Manchester, Bolton, Chorley, Preston, Wigan & Southport.  

Q. How long does the cleaning process take?

A. The duration of the clean will be determined by the type and size of the carpet. For a quick quote fill out our contact form and a representative will be in touch.  

Q. Is commercial carpet cleaning obstructive or messy?

A. No, our cleaning operatives are experienced in providing busy commercial sites with quality carpet care that causes minimal disruptions and mess. We are very considerate to all the needs of our clients and will always carry out our work in an unobtrusive manner.

Q. How often should I get professional carpet cleaning?

A. We would recommend that areas of high traffic (the areas where people walk most) are professionally treated every 9-12 months.

Q. What accreditations do you hold?

A. Our commitment to quality and environmental friendliness is absolute and this has resulted in us being awarded both ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications. In addition, we are also Safe Contractor & Safe Trader certified.  

Q. Why Is Professional carpet cleaning important?

A. The carpets on a commercial site are important, they say more about the brand, business and philosophy than a logo or strapline ever could. Clean fresh carpets give a great impression and inspire confidence in clients and employees alike. Carpets with compacted dirt and moisture can also be very unhealthy for those in the surrounding vicinities. Fungus and mould can form to produce harmful mycotoxins which can cause allergies and other health problems.  Aside from cleaning, our carpet cleaning service also helps maintain your carpets so that they last for longer. 

Q. Do you provide domestic household carpet cleaning services?

A. Yes, please visit our domestic carpet cleaning page for more information. 






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