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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Preston & South Lancashire 

Whether in commercial or retail settings, carpet has become an integral part of the overall interior design and indeed brand development. Nowadays it is not just a floor covering but is used by architects and planners to complement the decor and fittings and even draw the eye to particular areas within an installation. We have been carrying out carpet cleaning in Preston for over thirty years and have witnessed the rate at which carpet has transcended its traditional role to become a heavyweight design component. 

As carpet has become much more of a significant investment, we appreciated that the approach to carpet care also had to alter. Provision must be made at an early stage in the planning, for an ongoing maintenance programme and an allocation of the appropriate level of funds to facilitate it. Using the latest technologies and techniques afforded, Wrennalls provides the highest standard of quality carpet cleaning and maintenance service.

We understand that in today’s challenging economic climate, businesses have to be competitive and must strive to offer the ultimate customer experience. Part of captivating customers and gaining brand recognition comes down to appearance. We provide carpet cleaning in Preston to small, medium and large businesses as well as other organisations.  

In order to deliver the highest standard of carpet cleaning services, Wrennalls operate a select range of innovative cleaning systems that are the most suitable to both the floor covering and the client’s requirements.

Here at Wrennalls our Commercial Carpet Cleaning is second to none we offer the most up-to-date technologies and ensure that the quality of service is standardized across the board.

Our Client Base

  • Commerce
  • Banking
  • Shopping Centres
  • Call Centres
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Leisure/ Spa premises
  • Nursing/ Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Children’s Nurseries
  • Airports
  • Local Authority Buildings
  • Tourist Attractions

Why Is Commercial Carpet Cleaning Worth It? 


  • Make A Valuable First Impression To Clients And Customers – There’s no denying that your brand is reflected through the premises that you uphold. Therefore a clean well maintained environment instils maximum credibility in you and your business. A scruffy and badly maintained carpet will instantly give the wrong impression and could actually work against you in terms of customer/client retention and attraction.  


  • Save Huge Amounts Of Money – Carpets that fall into disrepair don’t just look bad on you, they are also very expensive to replace. When enough dust, mud and dirt gets tracked into a carpet, the fibers start to get damaged by the abrasiveness of the dirt being waked in and compacted. This can lead irreversible damage to the fibres resulting in rips, tears and fraying. Regular professional carpet cleaning can prevent the build up of dirt and dust deep within your carpet’s fibres and prolong its life. This is very cost-effective and will save you from having to spend money on a new carpet. When you consider the size of some business premises, this can run into thousands of pounds


  • Safeguard The Health Of Those In The Environment – Moulds, micro-organisms, dust, and bugs and other different things lurking in the fibers of a dirty carpet can take a toll on our health. The buildup of harmful bacteria within dirty public carpets can start to attack the human immune system and trigger allergies. This forces our bodies to fight extra hard and leaves us more vulnerable to catching other illnesses. This is especially true during the winter months where there are lots of colds, bugs and flu viruses being passed around the workplace. Professional carpet cleaning will ensure that there is never a buildup of harmful allergens. 


  • It’s fast and can work around your businesses’ shedule – Our commercial carpet cleaners are riggorously trained to quickly perform some of the most complex and cutting edge techniques with specialist equipment. Commercial carpet cleaning with Wrennalls means that you can gain unbeatable results without having to close your business for days at a time. Our exclusive Dry Fusion technology cleans and deoderises within half an hour so you can get back to business as usual in no time. 


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Servicing Public and Private Sectors

No two commercial buildings are ever the same and before any work is started, our team of professional inspectors will carefully identify the exact requirements of premises prior to drawing up a detailed plan of action. Only once this full method statement is prepared, (having fully understood the nature and usage of the building, the type of floor covering or fabric and the degree of soiling that is to be removed) – will work commence.

We have access to a wide range of unique, innovative and specialist cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that are unavailable to any other carpet cleaner in Preston or indeed the North West. This ensures that the highest standard of service is always provided. Every cleaning solution selected will ensure the highest standard of environmental safety for your employees and your building. All our technicians receive industry approved training delivered both in-house and via external agencies. We ensure competence in all posts by controls applied as part of a very focussed Integrated Management System. We are proud to state publically that our management systems are registered by a UKAS accredited assessment authority (ISOQAR) – to include the following Standards:

1) ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
2) ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems and
3) OHSAS 18001- Health, Safety and Welfare Management Systems.
Registration has been maintained since June 2004

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Accreditations

The main ethos here at Wrennalls is customer satisfaction and customer service – We are dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients and ensuring that they are more than pleased with the level of carpet cleaning carried out by the Wrennalls team. To show that we are dedicated to customer service we are iS0 9001 certified which means we conform to a vigorous set of processes which ensures a standardized level of service across all of our Commercial Carpet Cleaning accounts


Areas We Cover For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Thanks to our dedicated and experienced carpet cleaners we are able to cover a variety of locations in the North West of the UK – Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service is available in these main areas – Preston, Leyland, Wigan, Bolton, Manchester, Blackburn and Southport. If you live near to one of these areas there is every chance that our commercial carpet cleaning covers your area – We encourage you to get in touch with a member of the Wrennalls team and request a quote so that you can get a more detailed look in to the costings, time frame and details of the cleaning service offered here.

Interested in getting that high-quality Wrennalls touch in your home? We also provide an industry leading domestic carpet cleaning service

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