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Domestic Carpet Cleaning FAQs

What areas do you cover?

We provide carpet cleaning across South Lancashire & North West Greater Manchester.  Locations include: Leyland, Wigan, Bolton, Manchester, Blackburn and Southport.

What is the difference between commercial and domestic carpet cleaning?

Commercial carpet cleaning jobs are carried out in commercial environments which may mean a larger area to clean. Commercial jobs also need to be carried out so that they don’t disrupt business as usual which usually requires a great deal of planning. Many commercial sights on a whole also experience constant high traffic rates. This is will also determine what cleaning methods we use.  

What commercial premises do you clean?

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services to offices, shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and many more.   

Can you give me a quotation over the phone?

Absolutely, we can give you an estimate based on the information provided and extent of what you require. For more information contact us today!

How quickly can you clean and dry my carpets?

We use unique DryFusion technology which can clean and dry carpets in as little as half an hour, however it can vary based on how big the area of carpet is. We recommend that you get in touch with our friendly team who will be able to give you a more personalised answer.

Is the carpet cleaning process disruptive/loud?

No, our courteous and experienced operatives will carry out their work with maximum efficiency whilst minimising disruption to your environment.

Is Wrennalls accredited?

Yes, we hold the following accreditations:

ISO 9001 – International standard to reflect a consistent quality management system that delivers consistently high products to customers.

ISO 14001 – Certification to declare that Wrennalls complies with the best practice environmental standards

OHSAS 18001 – This is to certify that Wrennalls meets the highest standards of occupational health and safety management.

LCC Safe Trader – We are named as a certified safe trader by Lancashire County Council’s Safe Trader scheme.

Do you provide a scheduled carpet cleaning contract service?

Yes, we have many clients that take a proactive approach to their carpet maintenance and contract our services on a regular basis as a way of preserving their carpet. Please contact a member of our team today for a chat.

How many times a year should I have my carpets cleaned?

Cleaning frequency depends on the nature and size of the premises, type of carpet and amount daily traffic and age/condition of the carpet. On average we would recommend a professional clean every six months.

Is there a chance carpet cleaning could damage my carpet?

No, at Wrennalls we have in excess of 30 years experience providing carpet cleaning for both domestic and commercial clients and have dealt with carpets of every value and material imaginable. We are very knowledgable about the intricacies of certain fibres and how to clean/dry them safely.






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