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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

We Are The Most Experienced Domestic Carpet Cleaner In Preston!

In order to deliver a fantastic carpet cleaning services, Wrennalls use the groundbreaking Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning System that truly changed the way that carpets are cleaned. Exclusive to the Wrennalls Group, only our network is licensed to use it.

Dry Fusion is the only carpet cleaning system that heat cleans, deodorises, stain protects then heat dries all types of synthetic and natural carpets, carpet tiles, oriental rugs and is WoolSafe approved.

The end result is a clean, deodorised and protected carpet that is dry only 30 minutes after cleaning – guaranteed.

Our system uses 95% less water than other systems, produces no waste product, uses non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaning solutions and all packaging and materials within the Dry Fusion system can be recycled.

Heat Dries
Your carpet in one process.

We Guarantee Carpets will be dry within 30 Minutes

Wrennalls have teams across the North West and local carpet cleaners in:

  • Leyland
  • Bolton
  • Preston
  • Wigan
  • Southport

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Preston


You may be thinking “why do I need a professional carpet cleaner when I have a hoover? Surely I can do this myself and save money?”. The truth is that hoovers are fine for day-to-day cleaning and removing portions of surface dirt and muck but they will not clean the entire carpet deep within the fibres. If anything, repeated hoovering can compact dirt and dust deeper into the carpet where it is harder to get to. Professional and thorough carpet cleaning has many many benefits and in some cases, is an absolute necessity: 

Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health


When carpets or rugs are not looked after, they can start to become a breeding ground for a host of unpleasant organisms, allergens, fungi and bacteria. The problem is that all of these harmful things are invisible to the naked eye and are not immediately apparent. Some moulds that thrive deep within the fibres of a dirty carpet release harmful mycotoxins into the environment which can attack and suppress our immune systems on a daily basis. A weakened immune system means that we are more susceptible to falling ill. Dirty carpets are especially risky to those with decreased or underdeveloped immune systems such as children, the elderly or an individual with a serious health condition.

Make Your Carpets Look Better & Last Longer


Many of our domestic clients remark on the visible transformation we achieve for their carpets following a clean. By removing dust, dirt and grime from the entirety of your carpet we can actually help preserve its condition for years to come thus saving you the need to spend huge amounts of money on a replacement. We all know the look of that lifeless old matted and flat carpet that is so common nowadays. High levels of traffic combined with dirt, dust and grime can cause a carpet to become flat, matted and unattractive. The abrasive nature of walked-in dust and dirt can also damage the fibres of the carpet especially if it is wool or velvet. Regular deep cleans will keep your carpet in prime condition and negate the need for a refit for years to come.

We have over 30 years’ experience providing a first class carpet cleaning in Preston & the Lancashire area. Our friendly and knowledgable cleaning operatives are well versed in the safe care and maintenance of every kind of carpet or rug. 

Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Preston? Make your home sparkle and give your carpets and rugs the reinvigoration they need! Call our friendly team now or fill out an enquiry form

Did you know that we also provide a commercial carpet cleaning service for a range of businesses and organisations? 








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