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Rug Cleaning Preston – Wrennalls

Here at Wrennalls, we have been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 30 years. In that time we have developed our processes so that we offer a second to none Rug Cleaning Preston service. Unfortunately, carpets and rugs are often neglected in both the domestic and commercial properties. People are often too busy with their work and family commitments to get the time. Here at Wrennalls we know the importance of having clean and maintained rug. Rugs need to be cleaned in order to increase the longevity of the carpet and also to increase the resale value of your property. We are dedicated to providing a standardised service across all the products offered by Wrennalls

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What are Rug Cleaning services?

Rug cleaning services aim to provide a deep clean of your carpet and remove any unwanted stains in debris that may have been collected in your rug. Here at Wrennalls we are fortunate to have the Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning technology at our disposal. Dry Fusion is fast becoming one of the best carpet cleaning technologies on offer in today’s market. It is the only rug cleaning system that heat cleans, deodorises, stain protects and heat dries the carpet – it is able to be used on all different types of material from synthetic to natural carpets, carpet tiles and oriental rugs. The main reason we use this technology is because of the deep clean we can achieve with it and the fact that the carpet is maintained and repaired so that once we have cleaned your rug it will be in pristine condition. Another added benefit of this method is that the rug is dry 30minutes after cleaning takes place and that is something that we guarantee.

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Why get your Rug Cleaned?

As we touched upon above it is important to get your rug cleaned, serviced and maintained at least once a year to ensure that your carpet will last the test of time so that when you come to sell your property you have a higher resale value. You can look at this as an investment as you will be ensuring that the health of your carpet will be maintained. Another reason to get your carpet cleaned is so that any small stains cannot grow into bigger stains that could potentially ruin your carpet.

Our Rug Cleaning Preston Service

To show our dedication to business processes and customer service we have obtained our iSO 9001 certificate that allows you to rest assured that the level of service you are getting from us is standardised across the board. We see every job as a new experience and one that we can improve upon and develop our service.

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