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Our top Spring Cleaning tips this April

With the change in weather comes a welcomed break from the extreme winter we have had this year! Spring brings new life to the environment, sparks plant growth and provides well-needed warmth. It also increases productivity, self-esteem and motivation! This makes it the perfect time to tackle those irritating domestic tasks. Spring is a time for rejuvenation which can be replicated inside your home. This post is here to give you some of our favorite Spring cleaning tips and how important these are to you home for cleanliness and enjoyment. Most of the tasks below require little effort and will result in you seeing massive changes to your home. When it comes to Carpet Cleaning services in and around Preston we offer a variety of second to none services!

If you have any questions about the Spring Cleaning Tips in this post or would like Wrennalls to help with your carpet cleaning then please get in touch with a member of the Wrennalls team today!

  • Windows

Window Spring Cleaning

The first thing we recommend cleaning this spring is your windows. Let’s face it we all neglect our Windows from time to time and during the rain and snow that comes with winter, the last thing we want to do is go outside and clean these. Spring is the perfect time to clean windows and it is very important to do this. During winter there is often a lot of debris and dirt in the rain which will have settled on your windows throughout the winter months causing them to become covered in mess and in need of some TLC. We recommend performing this with a friend or partner as it is difficult to get to high windows by yourself and when using a ladder it is important to have supervision. Window cleaning is fairly easy and can result in some great results for your home and gets it in shape for the coming summer months.

    • Kitchen Counter Top

Kitchen Counter Top - Spring Cleaning

Another thing to clean in your home during spring is your Kitchen Counter Tops. Kitchen Counter Tops should be regularly cleaned throughout the year but we know that this isn’t the case. Having a clean countertop allows for a more productive kitchen and with the coming warmth, any guests that you have over can easily be entertained without you worrying about having a dirty kitchen. Cleaning countertops is not a difficult task and as well as making sure they are free from any bacteria it is also important de-clutter your countertops as they can often become clogged with kitchen utensils and other items which could potentially be stored under counters allowing you to have more space to cook in your kitchen.

  • Your Carpets

Spring Carpet Cleaning

We know that carpets are the last thing you want to clean after a long day at work, we would rather put out feet up, sit back and relax. But there is a lot we can get out of cleaning our carpets. One of the main reasons you should ensure that your carpets are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis is because of the impact that this can have on the resale value of your property. A house that has had carpets cleaned by Professional Carpet Cleaners will have an increased market value because of the longevity, lifespan and overall conditions of the carpets and Spring is the perfect time for you to invest in a decent clean for your carpets as we know that they may have been neglected during the winter months. Browse the range of domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services we offer today!

  • Dishwashers

Dishwasher Spring Clean

Something which we all forget to clean from time to time is our dishwashers. Dishwashers play a big part in our daily routines and require maintenance and looking after. Failure to clean your dishwasher on a regular basis can result in filters becoming blocked, dirty dishes and can also reduce the lifespan of your dishwasher. Spring is a great time to tackle this as it the last thing we want to do during the coming summer months is use our time cleaning and fixing any problems that we may be experiencing with a dishwasher. Firstly it is important to remove any bits of food that are present at the bottom of the dishwasher and purchase dishwasher cleaner to use on a single rinse of the machine. This will help to remove any limescale or other material that could be causing the dishwasher to underperform.

  • Oven

Oven Spring Clean

Another extremely important thing that should be part of your spring cleaning list is your oven. It is very easy to overlook the oven and simply use it when we need to cook food and neglect the cleaning part of the oven. In reality, failure to clean your oven on a regular occasion can cause a lot of burnt food, substances and unwanted burnt pieces to pile up in the oven and leave it in a state that is not hygienic and also looks bad to the eye. Giving your oven a deep clean at least once a year leaves your oven in a clean, usable and attractive state. It is important not only from an aesthetic point of view but also a hygienic point of view. It is important to get rid of any loose pieces straight away so that this does not interfere with the cleaning. Next, it is important to either use a shop bought oven cleaner or baking soda and white vinegar as you can good results with both of these.

  • Cooker Hob

Cooker Hob Spring Cleaning

In addition to your oven needing a good deep clean in Spring, it is also extremely important to clean your stainless steel surfaces and in particular your cooker hob. Stainless steel is a material that looks lovely when cleaned but when dirty it can leave kitchens looking tired and lacking life. Spring is a good time to give your hob a deep clean as failure to do so can result in bacteria worsening during the warmer temperatures that come with summer. A cooker hob should ideally be cleaned at least once a week and is something that you should not leave to build up over time! We strongly recommend adding this to your spring cleaning list! If you are unsure as to which cleaning products you should use then head on down to your nearest supermarket and check out the products that are currently on offer.

  • Garden

Garden Furniture Spring Clean

Last on our list but by no means least is ensuring that your Garden and Garden Furniture is cleaned and ready to use during the summer and allows you to bring some new life in to your garden which during winter will have felt the full force of nature resulting in grass, flowers and trees potentially being in poor condition. We recommend picking out any weeds and giving the garden a fresh cut. A good idea for your Garden furniture is to begin fixing and cleaning the furniture before the warm weather hits us so that you don’t have to worry about doing this during summer. This can be achieved by simply wiping down any excess leaves or debris that has fallen on to your furniture during the winter season. You can also use a variety of soaps to ensure that your wicker furniture or any other furniture is in the best condition that it can be. Be sure to remember to wash off the solution before leaving it.

Wrennalls have over 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry and provide a variety of Carpet Cleaning Services in Preston. It is extremely important to clean your carpets on a regular occasion as regular maintenance and upkeep can result in your carpets lifespan being expanded and ensures that the value of your home will be the best it can be when and if you come to sell the property

If you have any questions about how Wrennalls can help you with your Spring Cleaning this April then please get in touch with a member of the Wrennalls team today.