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Commercial Maintenance Contracts Manchester

The carpet and flooring of a business can have a big impact on how the company comes across in terms of professionalism. It adds to the overall brand image and can be important in supporting this. Businesses are spending an increasing amount of money on making sure their shop or building looks the part. Architects and designers are specifically asked to come up with a plan that will complement the existing interior design and aesthetic.

As you can imagine, after a short while of people walking over the floor coverings and carpets, they start to get worn. It is a fact that carpets and flooring in the workplace are not maintained to a standard that is acceptable to keep the quality of a good standard. People do not feel the same responsibility to clean up after themselves as they would at home and for this reason spillages are left and a lack of regard is taken. As a result of this, stains form that are tough to remove. As these businesses are very busy no one has the time to dedicate time to get rid of these marks or generally upkeep the floor and carpet. If this sounds familiar a commercial maintenance contract could be the answer for you.Commercial Maintenance Contracts Manchester

How to get a Commercial Maintenance Contract Manchester?

Wrennnalls have been an established company for over 30 years and have an abundance of experience when it comes to cleaning and maintaining carpets and flooring. Many companies use us on a regular basis to keep their business looking, smelling and feeling fresh, professional and successful. We offer commercial maintenance contracts Manchester so you can be sure that your business is always looking the best it can be. The first step in implementing a Carpet Maintenance Program is to undertake a free, no obligation survey of all barrier systems, carpet and floorcoverings within the building and review the existing cleaning procedures and equipment. Once this survey is complete, we will then submit a detailed report identifying the areas of concern along with a comprehensive program of planned maintenance that will ensure your carpet and floorcoverings are maintained to the highest possible standard.

To find out more about our commercial maintenance contracts Manchester book a free site survey simply call us and a member of our operations team will contact you to make a mutually convenient appointment.

Why get a commercial maintenance contract?

There are a number of reasons why getting a commercial maintenance contract is beneficial. An investment in a service and maintenance contract can protect your business and its assets as well as keeping the business looking the part.


Maintaining your assets helps to reduce your equipment downtime and maximises your output while maintaining quality. By having a contract with us your productivity can be maximised. We will arrange with you when is the best time to come and service the carpets and flooring and how often it needs to be done. We are always on call if you are faced with any issues and would like to reschedule our arranged visit/visits. We will always fit around you so you don’t have to worry about changing your plans, allowing you to continue with your workload and everyday tasks.


The Health & Safety at Work Act encompasses all aspects that need to be considered regarding the wellbeing of others in the workplace. This legislation puts a duty on all employers to protect their employees from harm and to ensure that everything is kept up together. Having a commercial maintenance contract will help to fulfil the criteria of the health and safety standards and also keep peace of mind in the workplace for staff and customers.


Having a commercial maintenance contract can increase your efficiency in a number of ways. By keeping your company assets afloat and having them run efficiently you will drastically reduce your energy consumption. Moreover, having this pre-agreed arrangement with Wrennalls will give you more time to focus your energy elsewhere on more important tasks.

If you think getting a Commercial Maintenance Contracts Manchester sounds like something that would be suitable for your business then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today! Simply book a free site survey calling us and a member of our operations team will be in touch.