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Choosing The Best Carpet For Areas Of High Traffic

For those not in the know, it may come as a surprise that not all carpets are created equal in the sense that you can’t just install any carpet in an area with a high footfall and expect it to last especially in commercial environments. Although there are some very luxuriously textured and patterned piles out there, you need to establish the potential traffic rates in different areas of your building and use these findings to inform what kind of carpet will be suited to you in the long run. 

Why Is It Important To Get The Right Carpet?

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It may sound like an unnecessary process take for “just a carpet” but like every department in every organisation, there’s an allocated budget which needs to be used effectively to carry out certain duties. Maintenance departments have faced a tough time in recent years as shrinking budgets have at times restricted them to carrying out only the basic level of maintenance to keep their facility running.

For this reason, they need to be extra savvy with their spend and if new carpeting is an option there is only one chance to get it right. Hastily paying for the installation of a new carpet that is not durable enough or adept in disguising dirt can lead to a lot of problems including an unsightly scruffy appearance and even worse, tears rips and wearing of the pile. Replacing this mistake will set you back a colossal amount of budget which may have to come at the expense of other services.  

How To Determine Traffic & Select The Right Carpet

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To find out what areas of your building are deemed as high traffic you need to understand the different classifications of traffic. The durability of carpet is rated on a 1- 5 scale with the high end of the scale being used to classify the most durable carpets. Generally, places like hallways, receptions or stairways should be fitted with carpets rated between 4 & 5 on the scale to withstand the wear exerted on them over time. This top end of the durability scale goes for a traffic rate of anything over one thousand persons per day which when you think about it, is quite a large number.

Some commercial organisations don’t always occupy larger sites or have an inbound footfall traffic rate of in excess of 1,000 per day. High durability grades of carpet are generally more expensive per square meter so it is important to ascertain a rough figure for daily traffic rates and then select the durability grade accordingly. A good way of gaining this information is to employ people counting devices at the entrances to all high traffic areas. Many of these devices can not only give you an accurate head counts but also the direction in which individuals are heading. This leaves you to fully analyse the traffic rate and best determine the grade of carpet that is right for you.

Remember, No Carpet Is Indestructible…

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You may have selected the hardest wearing, exquisitely patterned carpet and now your lobby looks smart, stylish and fresh. Although it may seem like you can forget about the carpet and leave it to do its job for the next 20 years, this is simply not the case. Even the most durable carpets need to be reconditioned and professionally cleaned at least once every six months so that they continue to look good and more importantly, last longer.

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