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Carpets come in all many forms and different grades of finary. Throughout the course of history carpets, tapestries and rugs were a luxury exclusively enjoyed by the noblemen, royalty and high society and such high-end carpets are still being produced today. The secret to maintaining the quality of premium carpets and keeping them looking their best is through regular carpet cleaning. With over 30 years of experience, Wrennalls has been providing some of the most technologically advanced carpet cleaning in Preston and the wider Lancashire area. If you own a fine Persian or Turkish rug then the chances are that you’ve invested a considerable amount of money in them.

With the average 6×9 rug costing between £800 – £4,500, you may think that they couldn’t possibly go higher in price! Think again… The following is a list of some of the most highly prized carpets in the world

Silk Isfahan Rugs

Persian Rugs






Hand made in the Iranian city of Isfahan, these rugs display wonderous patterns and textures that have been inspired over the course of centuries by the breathtaking mosques and old architecture of the city. Isfahan is centrally located in Iran and throughout history has been a prize to many invaders and changing dynasties who have introduced countless culture, style and design flavour into the city. Wool Isfahan rugs in their own right are very sought after but pure silk woven rugs are extremely rare. Shoreshi are known as the masters of the silk Isfahan rug and some of their rugs command prices of up to £4,000,000!  

Ushak Rug

persian rug






Ushak Turkish rugs are named after the town that they were made in. The Uşak region of Turkey has been at the centre of the Turkish rub making industry since the 16th century to the point where “Ushak” has been characterised as its own style combining angular framing and detailed floral patterns. Ushak carpets are made from a cotton base before being adorned by quality local wool for the pile. What makes old Ushak rugs unique is the specialist skills it takes to weave one. Knot size and patterning is an art passed down through generations and generations becoming a very rare skill. With a genuine Ushak rug setting you back around £170,000 it’s definitely worth taking care of with professional carpet cleaning








Much like Isfahan rugs, Tabriz carpets are an Iranian regional product from the city of Tabriz a vibrant bustling city in northwestern Iran. Historically the city has always been a commerce hub on account of its proximity to Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The constant supply of foreign goods, culture and art has influenced a particular style of carpet design that has a strong central medallion surrounded by creeping flowers, plants and vegetation. Border patterns are also a favourite feature of original Tabriz carpets and some high-quality carpets have been known to include up to one million knots per square meter with 24 karat gold threads! Rare forms of special Tabriz carpets have been known to fetch prices around £200,000!

Carpet Cleaning Preston With Wrennalls

Maybe you don’t have a pure silk Isfahan or a vintage Tabriz, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t treat your carpets with any less attention and care! The reason why some of these gorgeous Persian & Turkish piles last such a long time is the care and special attention they receive during their lifetime! If you are looking for reliable and experienced carpet cleaning in Preston give Wrennalls a call on 01254 366 599 . You can also get a free quote from our website today!







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