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The Importance Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Preston

If you own a business in Preston then you will know that maintaining your premises is a necessary task as wear and tear from employees and/or customers can take its toll. Interior decorations, painting, plumbing and electrics are necessary upkeeps but maintaining a healthy clean and stain free carpet is just as important. As the number one provider of commercial carpet cleaning Preston, Wrennells has played a pivotal role in making countless small, medium and large businesses look clean, presentable and professional. There are many reasons why a business must consider hiring regular professional carpet cleaning services Preston.

Your Health

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Carpets that are not properly cleaned are home to all sorts of dust, microorganisms and moulds as the dense fibrous environment acts as a perfect habitat. The presence of these allergens can have a number of far-reaching health effects including skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis. The impact on someone’s immune system is also very significant because the stress of fighting so many harmful organisms and bacteria like those found in a dusty/dirty carpet can leave the body less prepared to fight other diseases. Inhalation of these carpet based toxins can also cause serious respiratory problems like asthma and flu-like symptoms. When you consider how much less developed the immune systems of children and the elderly are, it becomes apparent just how dangerous a dusty and dirt filled a carpet can be. If you are operating a commercial business, customer well being is your responsibility and the best way for you to ensure this is by selecting Wrennalls to provide professional commercial carpet cleaning Preston.

4 Step Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning Process

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Commercial carpet cleaning is an absolutely thorough service designed to completely clean and dry your carpets whilst keeping them intact. Wrennalls is unmatched by any other competitor offering carpet cleaning Preston as we exclusively own a system known as “Dry Fusion”. This unique system cleans, Stainblocks, Heat dries and Deodorises your carpet in one process. We guarantee carpets will be dry within 30 minutes!

Whilst you might think that concentrated hour or two of hoovering will help tidy up your carpet, there is nothing that will compete with the power and thoroughness of the Dry Fusion process in getting rid of all the harmful dusts, moulds and allergens found in a carpet.


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Reputation and presentability if nothing else, has to stand as the most important reason why businesses need commercial carpet cleaning Preston. The most common rule of business to customer interaction is that first impressions are everything. Whether it is a customer who has just walked in the door or a new employee on their first day, the presentation of your establishment will influence how these individuals will act. Whether we like to admit it, assumptions about your credibility, professionalism and competency are made on things like the appearance of your carpets. If your establishment has a dusty old poorly maintained carpet with stains and blotches, it gives the wrong impression and can seriously affect your brand reputation and ability to generate business.

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Wrennalls carpet, fabric and floor care specialists offering a nationwide service for over 30 years. We are SafeContractor & Safe Trader scheme approved with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation. You can enjoy peace of mind when procuring our services.

Carpet is more than something we just walk over, it is an integral component of an establishment’s decor and persona. At Wrennalls we understand how important it is to be able to maintain your carpet in an efficient and timely manner.

If you require the best commercial carpet cleaning Preston from the industry experts, give Wrennalls a call on 01772 366 599 or get a free quote from our website today

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carpet cleaning Preston

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