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According to Plastic Oceans UK, around 8 to 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our ocean every year which comes from a wide variety of sources including packaging, bottles, bags and even carpets. With plastic pollution and biodegradable alternatives firmly lodging themselves in public consciousness, it has become commonplace for individuals to start looking at eco-friendly detergents, food packaging and face washes to name a few. Some manufacturers have even started to produce biodegradable carpet alternatives

Seagrass Carpets


What Are “Eco-Friendly Carpets?”

Some of the most common forms of domestic and commercially used carpets are synthesised from plastic to form a highly durable product that requires less cleaning and maintenance. Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene and Triexta are all examples of carpet materials that have been made using carbon-based fuels. Many environmentalists claim that aside from the Co2 emissions used to make these carpets, they do not degrade once being ripped up and thrown out often ending up in landfills or in our oceans. Many advocated of eco carpets maintain that synthetically produced carpets contain a number of binding agents, colourings and chemical anti-bacterial treatments which can be harmful to the environment and disruptive to the marine ecosystem if dumped in the sea.  

Wool carpets are probably one of the most environmentally friendly carpets as the pile is made from naturally occurring sheep fur but even so, many are made with a non-biodegradable backing that holds the fibres in place. Biodegradable carpets have been rising in popularity and in our time of offering carpet cleaning services in Preston we have certainly come across a fair few.

What Materials Are Used To Make Biodegradable Carpets?

sisal carpets


This fibre is derived from the sisal plant, a tough South American plant that grows thick and long leaves which have been used throughout history to make all-purpose twine and shipping products. The strong ridged fibres are notoriously tough and resistant to a lot of wear and tear which is why they have been used to weave carpets for many years and continue to do so.


Seagrass is native to the waterlogged deltas and paddy fields of South China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. The take a long pointy, blade-like appearance and are harvested for their strong and unbelievably course fibres which can be woven into yarn to make sustainable carpets and rugs.


This is a great highly durable alternative made from coconut fibres. It is very resistant to wear and tear which makes is perfectly suitable for placement along main hallways or underneath heavy furniture. In a similar manner to seagrass and sisal, the leaves of the coconut palm are soaked and then beaten which then reveals the coarse fibres which are then bundled together and spun into yarn. Coir carpets will expand when they get wet so we recommend professional carpet cleaning to maintain your coir rug. Wrennalls uses a system that combines the best aspects of dry cleaning and steam extraction to quickly clean your coir carpet dry within half an hour so that it doesn’t warp out of shape.


One of the most popular sustainable materials for making carpet is Jute. Using Hessian fibres from the stalk of the Cochorus plant, Jute rugs are an ideal solution for low traffic areas as they are very soft and often tightly wound. Jute has been used for centuries to make sacks and cloth and is regarded as one of the softest natural fibres available.

Clean You Sustainable Carpets In Preston

Sustainable carpet materials are increasingly on the rise. With many of these carpets being made from naturally occurring fibres, it has never been more important to maintain them in a delicate and considered way. For more information on professional carpet cleaning in Preston call Wrennalls today on 01254 366 599 or get a free quote online.









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