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Dear Valued Customer

Updated 26th May 2020:

We are back open and fully operational and are happy to take bookings.

Dealing with Coronavirus,

Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses, meaning they are RNA viruses that are surrounded by an outer coating comprised of a lipid bilayer (water-insoluble fatty coating). Enveloped viruses spread through a “budding off” process during which a new virus becomes wrapped in an outer coating. However, if this layer is dissolved, these viruses are relatively easy to kill—making the exposed virus more susceptible to disinfectants than non-enveloped viruses. The Coronavirus therefore falls into a category of viruses that are most susceptible to disinfectants.

At Wrennalls we recommend appropriate, combinedcleaning and disinfection strategies to help control the spread of dangerous pathogens, such as the 2019-nCOV. The use of  M2 Ultra, which demonstrates “virucidal activity against enveloped viruses”. M2 Ultracan be used to both clean and sanitise a wide range of carpets, textiles, floors and surfaces within domestic, commercial and health care environments.

M2 Ultra has been independently tested and fully approved to meet the  BS EN 1276  standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants as proof of effective infection control against harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, Salmonella, E. Coli, Flu Virus (H1N1) and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. M2 Ultra has also been independently tested and fully approved to meet the BS EN 13704 and BS EN 1327 standards.

Our specialist team at Wrennalls, can offer you a wide range of cleaning and sanitising services that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your building and your employees. All our Technicians have the relevant PPE, to ensure the safety and welfare of our customers, at all times.

Please contact a member of our sales team for further information on 01772 970683 or

M2 Ultra Concentrate 5 L    £19.99 + VAT

M2 Ultra 1L Trigger Spray RTU   £3.99 + VAT

Antibacterial cleaning concentrate for carpets, textiles and hard floor surfaces. Tested to meet the following standards: BS EN1327 (MRSA), BS EN 13704 (CDIFF) and BS EN 1276 (ECOLI).

For the quick and effective removal of soiling and santising of all carpets, textiles and hard surfaces. Carpets, fabrics and other sensitive surfaces must be pre-tested for colourfastness, texture change and suitability before proceeding. WoolSafe Approved!

M2 Total Washroom Concentrate 5L   £16.63 + VAT

Cleans, disinfects and deodorises. Eliminates odours at their sources. Prevents build up of hard water, limescale and body fat in all toilet, bath and shower areas.

For use on walls, floors, paintwork, tiles, formica, glass, chrome, stainless steel, enamel and porcelin. All toilet areas, toilet seats, handles, urinals, toilet bowls, baths, sinks and showers.


Sebo BS 360 Upright Vacuum       ONLY £262.49 + VAT

The Sebo BS360 Upright Vacuum –

a reliable, easy to maintain upright commercial vacuum giving excellent results.

Sebo BS360 – twin motor, upright vacuum

Non- slip toothed belt & electronic height control

Powerful suction & brush action – lifts carpet pile, removes embedded dirt/grit

Versatile machine – flat-to-floor design + telecopic tube system

High filtration – Sebo 3-layer bags – good airflow, strength & filtration







Update 24th March 2020.

Following on from the new guidelines issued by the UK Government and further discussions with our employees and customers, I have today  undertaken a full review of the services we provide within our Product and Service Divisions.

My primary concern will always be the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers, whilst ensuring that we continue to follow the instructions and advice issued by the relevant authorities. As a Business, we have a responsibility to also protect the wider community that we operate within and to ensure that we do the right thing.

Having undertaken a full review of the situation, a decision has been made to cease all our operations with effect from 5.00pm on Tuesday 24th March. During this closure, we will continue to monitor emails and telephone calls remotely off site were possible. I will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will update everyone as and when our operations can return to normal.

On a personal note, I would like to extend my thoughts to anyone who has been affected by the spread of COVID-19 and that your families and yourselves,  all manage to stay safe during the times ahead.

Stay safe.






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