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Pests and infestations are an unpleasant experience for any a homeowner but unfortunately, they can occur from time to time. Woodworm, fleas, mites and bedbugs are just a number of home infestations that take place over the UK every year that can cause health problems as well as collateral damage. One lesser known pest is the carpet beetle which makes its home by burying in unkempt dirty carpets where they then hatch eggs.

Carpet beetles can be hugely frustrating as they have a habit of eating and damaging carpet fibres which can be a big deal if your house contains pure wool carpet. Matured carpet beetles also exhibit bristles that can cause allergic reactions in humans if contact is made. Wrennalls has been providing carpet cleaning in Preston for the best part of three decades and our operatives have had more than a few brushes with these pests. In our experience, early summer is the time when carpet beetles are spotted so keeping an eye out is absolutely essential.  

What are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetle





The adult carpet beetle is no more than 4mm in length, oval in shape and brown in colour. They breed very quickly and in fairly large numbers. They like to seek refuge and breed deep within the fibres of a carpet for the security and shelter. They also feed on natural fibres for protein whether this is the carpet fibres themselves or the residual human hair strands and even dead skin cells.

How do I get them

Carpet beetles can enter a house through open windows, doors, unfilled cracks or even in via plants or pre-infested items introduced to a home. As mentioned previously, right now is (start of summer) is the prime time for carpet beetle infestations due to the warm inviting climate and the fact that there are more windows and doors open giving the creatures easy access to carpeted spots.  

How to prevent getting carpet beetles

Let’s face it, not that many people regularly get down on their hands and knees to examine every square inch of their carpet for potential infestations. This means that any carpet beetle infestations can go unnoticed only to be discovered after considerable damage has been caused. Strictly speaking, an infestation should be dealt with by a pest control specialists should one occur. Luckily there are ways to take preventative measures by not leaving out any textiles and maintaining consistent levels of cleanliness in your home.

A great start is to deny any would-be carpet beetles the bountiful environment they need ie. a clean carpet that contains no dirt, hair or natural sources of protein. You should look to enlist the help of the best carpet cleaners in Preston as a way to ensure that no fibre is left unturned.

About Wrennalls – Quality Carpet Cleaning In Preston

If you are looking for an experienced carpet cleaner in Preston then look no further than Wrennalls. We have always been the preferred choice by many Preston residents for over 30 years.

Our commitment to pioneering the use of new cleaning technology and always striving for perfection has earned us a reputation as the best carpet cleaner in Preston. We are SafeContractor & Safe Trader scheme approved with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation. you can enjoy peace of mind when procuring carpet cleaning services from Wrennalls.

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