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As as a leading firm of some of the most skilled carpet cleaners in Chorley, we able to deliver outstanding results on a wide range of carpets and rugs from the low/medium range all that way up to some very fine premium carpets. One of the finest carpet materials is wool, it is luxuriously soft to the touch, does a great job at insulating the area on which it is laid and is amazingly durable if maintained properly. Owing to the fact that wool is completely natural and sustainable, its production is very different from that of say a standard polyester or nylon carpet. From the sheep’s back to the sole of your foot, this is the amazing process of creating a wool carpet.

Selecting the right sheep


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It goes without saying that the wool used to make a hard wearing luxurious carpet must be of the highest quality possible. Only sheep with the thickest and healthiest coats are selected and manufacturers even pay attention to the diet that these animals consume as some minerals found on certain areas of grassland can adversely affect the quality of the wool. As a rule of thumb, wool with a spinning grade of 50s or above is perfect for making carpets.



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The sheering process is fairly straight forward. Once the individual sheep are brought in for shearing they are dried off as it is very difficult to sheer wet wool. When to carry out sheering depends on the flock but it should usually be around springtime when the weather conditions are milder and the flock don’t need as much insulation. Many like to start shearing before the lambing season as this period is known to dirty up the wool.

Processing The Wool


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Now that the best wool has been sheared from the flock it’s time to process and normalise it. The first step tends to be the carding process where the raw wool is teased apart and brushed into straight finer strands (rovings) by small wire bristles. Carding machines are spinning mechanisms that allow for large amounts of wool to be fed through and brushed in large quantities. Next is the spinning process where carded fibres are gently fed into a spinning machine and twisted together to create a fine yarn.

Turning The Yarn Into Carpet


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Once you have multiple balls of yarn it’s time to start constructing the main body of the carpet. Freshly spun yarn will naturally undergo treatment and optional dying depending on the colour of the carpet produced. Dying is a very focused process as it is critical to achieving an even distribution of colour throughout the yarn batch. Turning the yarn into a carpet is a big process which either uses the tufting or weaving method. Weaving involves horizontally wrapping the yarn around vertical fibres to create a carpet with deeply set patterns which is fantastically hard wearing. Tufted carpets, on the other hand, are made by punching fibres back and forth through a backing material to create a springy thick pile. Any patterns are then dyed into the carpet after the production process as opposed to during. Although the majority of carpets today are made using this process, fine wool carpets are often made using the weaving method which can take much longer and is more complex.


Carpet Cleaners In Chorley – Keep Your Wool Carpets Looking Great!


Now you know about the incredible lengths involved in making wool carpets you can probably understand how important it is to keep them maintained. Unlike polyester or any other synthetic material, wool carpets are 100% natural so require extra attention especially when being cleaned. If you are looking for carpet cleaners in Chorley then we have over 37 years experience in wool carpet cleaning and understand every intricacy of the process. We strive to offer a quick service and deliver immediate results whilst reflecting great value for money.

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