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Summer has very much arrived here in the UK and along with the warmer temperatures, we are already experiencing longer days and relaxing light evenings. While these conditions are pleasant we still need to take care of ourselves by keeping hydrated, wearing eye protection and sunscreen. It may come as a surprise but the summer period can have a negative impact on your carpets for various reasons. At Wrennalls we are used to seeing the seasonal effects of wear and tear in many carpets and as one of the most experienced carpet cleaners in Southport, we feel that it is necessary to educate the public on how the season can impact carpets and rugs.

More Time Outdoors Means More Dirt

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It is a well-known fact that summertime inspires us to spend more time outside than in the winter. We are also known to be more active whether this is taking a walk in the evenings as the sun goes down or just more susceptible to a bike ride on a Saturday morning. The season also gives way to irresistibly blooming plants and flower beds which inspires many of us to get our hands dirty and do some serious gardening. Ultimately, this means that there is more chance of dirt and dust being brought into your home from outside and with less time spent indoors the buildup of dirt can often get overlooked. It’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaner who can effectively remove all compacted dirt and grime from deep within your carpet as opposed to just the top layer.  

Entertaining Guests

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Aside from spending more time outdoors, it has been noted that we are more social and friendlier in the summer. We also tend to entertain more during these months with things like dinners, drinks and BBQs. Any social event involving multiple guests, food and drink present a risk to carpets as the likelihood of someone spilling a drink or dropping food becomes more likely. You would be very surprised at the number of blemishes, marks and stains your average household carpet will endure by September time. Grease, wine and mud are all common offenders and whilst it may be tempting to use supermarket stain removers to try and remove such stains, professional carpet cleaning is always a better option.  Many of these off-the-shelf products have chemicals in them that could react differently and damage your carpet even more.

Sunlight Damage On Carpets

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Sunlight has an extremely detrimental effect on all sorts of carpet and can cause discolouration, shrinkage and fading. Wool carpets are notorious for reacting to direct sunlight which can cause changes in shape and bleaching. Other polymer based carpets such as polyester and nylon are coloured using special dyes which can alter in colour when subjected to too much sun. Whilst restoring a sun-damaged carpet is beyond the capabilities of professional carpet cleaner, it is advisable that individuals are aware of the effects of sustained direct sunlight.

Choose Wrennalls For Carpet Cleaners in Preston

We hope that this article has been informative and useful. If your carpet is looking slightly worse for wear then don’t reach for the vacuum – call Wrennalls! Our team are dedicated to carpets and we have pioneered the use of industry-leading technology so you can have peace of mind that those stubborn stains and odours will be gone before you know it.  

We only deliver the highest standards of carpet cleaning and our work is independently verified by a number of exterior organisations. We are approved by Safe Contractor and Safe Trader Scheme so you can enjoy peace of mind when procuring our services.

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