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It’s four days to go until Christmas day and schools, universities and workplaces have wound down as the festive socialising season well and truly hits a peak. Christmas has a massive impact on carpets because of the increased amount of inbound traffic they experience. Christmas gatherings, drinks and parties exert extra pressure and wear on the carpets in our dining rooms, lounges, halls and other areas. Combine this with the heightened consumption of food and drink and you have the potential for spills and accidents to happen. If you live in Preston, Lancashire or surrounding areas and your carpets start to bear the battle scars of a full-on Christmas and new year, you will need help from a professional carpet cleaner in Preston.  Wrennalls has spent over three decades cleaning and restoring carpets to their original glory using game-changing cleaning technology and standards seldom matched by other competitors. We can rely on a vast network of cleaning specialists which means you won’t have to wait long or pay for rates inflated by excessive mileage.

Festive stains can be very damaging to your carpets. Let’s take a look at some of the most stubborn Christmas stain culprits:



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A cosy Christmas means warm nights and roaring coal fires. If you opt for burning logs and coal as a means of heat then you’ll know how troublesome coal can be when it stains lighter carpets. The problem with coal is that it gets everywhere and the marks tend to spread when coal is handled. The sooty residue from a lump of coal is pitch black which means that when it stains a carpet, the dust works its way down through the weaves and into the fibres making it very hard to remove even with a vacuum. So why do you need to call a carpet cleaner in Preston to remove coal stains? The simple answer is that the specialist cleaning technology employed by firms such as Wrennalls can detach and remove the stain from deep within the carpet without damaging the fibres or fraying them.

Mulled Wine Stains


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A Christmas favourite, this beverage is extremely popular but very troublesome to deal with if knocked over. Come January 2019, mulled wine stains will have claimed thousands of carpets across Lancashire and the wider UK. A quick Google of “how to remove red wine stain from carpet” will throw up hundreds of quirky results involving the use of salt, baking soda, and even white wine to reverse the effect of a mulled wine stain. The fact is that red wine tannins are naturally produced and contain a pigment that stubbornly binds to carpet’s fibres. Whilst diluting the immediate stain with water to reduce the intensity is okay, the actual removal of the stain is a specialist job that takes expertise, knowledge and the right kit. If you find yourself trying to tackle a red wine stain in the coming weeks, stop. You need a professional carpet cleaner in Preston who can respond quickly and is equipped with the means to tackle even the toughest of stains.



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Gravy is a seasonal mainstay as we tend to favour a good roast dinner at this time of year with Christmas day being no exception. The problem with gravy stains is that when dried on, they become even more stubborn and harder to remove. On many occasions, gravy is flicked and splashed unknowingly leaving us to discover the stains after they are already dried on. What makes gravy stains on carpets so stubborn is three things. Firstly the dark brown colouring of the granules (which is very intense) will make an impression on any carpet that has a comparably shallower colour depth. Secondly, when gravy dries out on a carpet, it has had the chance to soak through the pile and leave behind granules which are crystallised in and amongst the fine fibres of the pile. Finally, more times than not gravy has already been mixed with meat or other foods on a plate making it extra greasy. Grease in its own right adds another layer of complication to the mix as it attracts more dust and dirt. Don’t spend the start of the new year on the floor damaging your carpet in an attempt to try and clean gravy stains. Help from a professional carpet cleaner in Preston is only a call away with Wrennalls.

Muddy Footprints


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If you are hosting family, relatives, friends and neighbours this Christmas then your carpets will certainly feel the impact. In the rush of being in charge and organising, you may not be able to enforce the usual no shoes rule amongst your guests. Dirty footprints and muddy marks caused by guests are an unfortunate occurrence because of how the dirt is compacted into the carpet through the weight and pressure of a foot. This means that outside muck and dirt could be harder to remove by yourself. Running a hover over the footprint will only push the dirt deeper into the carpet. At Wrennalls we have removed every possible type of stain in existence from a variety of different carpets for both commercial and domestic customers. We are also the only carpet cleaner in Preston with access to groundbreaking Dry Fusion technology which will remove the footprint, stain block, deodorise and heat dry your carpet all within 30 minutes!



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Chocolate is one of the many sweet treats that seems to be available in abundance over Christmas and new year whether it’s the communal box of Quality Streets, the tub of Minature Heroes given to you as a stocking filler or even the foil wrapped milk chocolate Santas adorning the Christmas tree, chocolate is everywhere. As the most forward-thinking carpet cleaner in Preston, our teams are always in high demand and throughout the multitude of jobs we carry out, melted chocolate is a stain that appears very frequently. In a similar vein to greasy gravy, melted chocolate is difficult because of the levels of butter and oil it contains. There are home methods that recommend using an iron and paper towels to melt chocolate stains out from carpets. We strongly advise against this as different carpets have varying heat resistances and you could potentially singe the fibres


Carpet Cleaner In Preston – Save The Stress, Call Wrennalls



Christmas is a hard time for carpets but why should you spend the start of the new year trying to scrub stains away all the while potentially damaging your carpet further? Our team know carpets and we have pioneered the use of industry-leading technology so you can have peace of mind that those stubborn stains will be gone before you know it. 

We only deliver the highest standards of carpet cleaning and these standards are independently verified by a number of exterior organisations. We are approved by Safe Contractor and Safe Trader Scheme so you can enjoy peace of mind when procuring our services.

If you require the best commercial carpet cleaning Preston from the industry experts, give Wrennalls a call on 01254 366 599 or get a free quote from our website today!