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Best carpet cleaner Preston

When most of us think of household health hazards we think of things like leaky boilers, faulty wiring and harmful asbestos. Many people overlook the fact that, that the very carpet underneath their feet harbours a melting pot of bacteria organisms that have a negative ongoing effect on our health. Did you know that the majority of under-maintained carpets in the UK are actually thousands of times dirtier than a toilet seat? Sometimes the amount of outside dirt and mess that gets brought in and trodden into the fibres of your carpet can’t be treated by vacuuming alone. You need to enlist the help of the best carpet cleaner in Preston and let them thoroughly clean, condition and revitalise your carpets.

We have been providing quality carpet cleaning services for commercial and domestic clients in Preston for over 30 years. We are experts in carpet and upholstery maintenance and use some of the most advanced technology to leave you with reconditioned healthy carpets that will look brand new and won’t interfere with your health.


How Does Dirt Become So Engrained In My Carpet?

Best carpet cleaner Preston

The constant coming and going of people in a busy house or flat results in outside dirt, dust and germs forever being introduced to the carpet as they are stamped in. This means that dirt and moisture is repeatedly worked deep into the fibres where it stays out of reach from most vacuum cleaners. During the winter and autumn seasons, households tend to also be heated with very little ventilation thus allowing germs and bacteria to thrive.


What Harmful Things Are Lurking In My Carpet?

Best carpet cleaner Preston


Dust Mites


Dust mites are tiny bugs that are commonly found in old dust saturated carpets. They are very hard to get rid of as they reproduce quickly and lay eggs deep in the shag. They survive by feeding on dead human skin cells and other microfungus found within the carpet’s fibres. They can cause redness, itching and even bring on conditions like eczema and asthma in those sensitive to dust. Children are most susceptible in developing dust mite allergies as their immune systems are not yet fully formed and they tend to spend a lot of time playing on carpets. If you are concerned about the effect of dust mites on your children than the best carpet cleaner in Preston is little more than a phone call away. Call Wrennalls today.



Moisture brought in from the outside is a huge problem especially in commercial premises where there is a large footfall. When wetness is trodden deep into the fibres of a carpet, micro funguses and moulds start to develop. The warm interiors of an enclosed building also contribute to this process greatly. Moulds can grow to the point where they disseminate airborne spores into the local airspace which can cause allergies and sicknesses amongst humans and even animals. Those sensitive to mould spores can exhibit symptoms of:

  • Wheezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Stomach aches
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Itchy rashes
  • Watery eyes



Moulds are living organisms and there are many different types of them. They will seek to defend their territories against other expanding moulds by releasing harmful fumes into the air. At Wrennalls we have seen the effects of mycotoxins in the atmosphere and they can have a severe impact on the health of those with underactive immune systems such as children and the elderly. To effectively kill mycotoxin-producing fungus, we employ a technique called dry fusion which cleans deodorises and dries all within thirty minutes. Our patented dry fusion technology will neutralise the fungus whilst preserving your carpet. Using unique technology unavailable to other competitors has resulted in us being given the reputation as the best carpet cleaners in Preston.


Athletes Foot


One of the many bacterias found in dirty carpets can also cause athletes food, a particular nasty skin condition in which the sufferer experiences peeled and cracked skin along with intense heavy itching. Athletes foot is also highly contagious and can spread throughout a household very easily.


You Need The Best Carpet Cleaner In Preston

The list of potential dangers and health hazards lurking in your carpet may have come as a shock but unfortunately, it is the reality that many homes and businesses face across Lancashire. Most people are not aware that they actually need professional carpet cleaning and that moving living bacteria from their carpets completely is a specialised task. If you have experienced any symptoms that you think may be related to organisms and bacteria in your carpet, you need to remember:


Vacuuming is not enough


Dust mites, their eggs and other micro funguses are very resilient and exist safely within the thick under-weaves of your carpet. Whilst vacuuming is good for removing surface dirt, it is ineffective against funguses which grow and cling deep to the bottom layer of the carpet. Wrennalls employ techniques that are able to deep clean your carpets down to the bottom of the pile without damaging the appearance of the fibres.


Aggressively scrubbing will damage fibres


It’s tempting to take the matter into your own hands and try and give your carpet a scrub in order to work the mould out using carpet shampoo and a cloth. This is a huge mistake and will result in you fraying and damaging your carpet’s fibres. Doing this by hand is also a huge manual job and don’t forget that mould needs to be irradicated completely otherwise if patches are left, it will just grow back.


Adding the wrong cleaning solution


Many have attempted to sanitise their carpets by using freely accessible carpet chemicals and using too much of them without knowing how they will react with the carpet. We have seen carpets that have been completely bleached out of colour and ruined because the incorrect solution wasn’t tested beforehand. At Wrennalls we are professionals with over three decades of experience cleaning carpets. We are intimately familiar with every kind of carpet material and know the nuances of how to apply the right chemical cleaning agents so your carpet is not damaged.


About Wrennalls – The Best Carpet Cleaner In Preston


Whether you are looking for the best carpet cleaner in Preston for commercial or domestic jobs,  Wrennalls has always been the preferred choice. We are Preston’s most popular carpet, fabric and floor care specialists and have been offering an unbeatable service for over 30 years.

Our commitment to pioneering the use of new cleaning technology and always striving for perfection has earned us a reputation as the best carpet cleaner in Preston.

Our specialist estimators will survey your area to gauge important information like the size, type and condition of your carpets. From this assessment, we will then create a bespoke cleaning package tailored to your requirements.

We are SafeContractor & Safe Trader scheme approved with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation. you can enjoy peace of mind when procuring carpet cleaning services from Wrennalls.

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