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Dry fusion carpet cleaning Service – By Wrennalls

We often find that most people who get in touch with us have many questions about what is the best method to clean their domestic or commercial carpet – Many are unaware of what dry fusion carpet cleaning is and the benefits that come with using dry fusion as method of cleaning their carpet – This post will outline the positives associated with dry fusion carpet cleaning service and also outline the service that we provide at Wrennalls

Please do get in touch with a member of the team if you have any questions regarding our dry fusion carpet cleaning process or any of the other services that are offered here at Wrennalls.


What is DRY Fusion carpet cleaning?

Briefly defined, dry fusion cleaning is one of the only carpet cleaning systems that is able to provide a deep heat clean of the carpet, deodorise and also protect the carpet from future stains. With DRY fusion carpet cleaning the end result that you are left with us a carpet restored to its former glory and is  now protected from future stains that may occur – With Dry Fusion Carpet cleaning the speed at which the carpet will become dry is around 30 minutes after cleaning making it a very quick process. 

At Wrennalls we have a unique system which allows us to use 95% less water than other competing systems this means that there is very little wasted product. We also use non-hazardous and packaging that is biodegradable.

Why Dry Fusion carpet cleaning is the best?

As discussed above dry fusion carpet cleaning has a variety of positives it is able to clean, stain block, heat dry and also deodorise carpets – it is split into three main processes. The first process involves Fluorocarbon resin placing an invisible protective layer over the carpet – the aim of this layer is to protect it from any dust and dirt that lodges itself into the carpet. The second process involves the adding of a stain blocking additive that helps to block out the dye sites in the fibre of the carpet that can usually allow food spills.

The final method that takes place in our Dry Fusion Carpet cleaning Service is a very important part of the cleaning processes – this involves a short shot of steam that is used to help get rid of any deep stains that may be present within the carpet – this shot of steam means that there is no need to perform aggressive cleaning that has the potential to damage the carpet’s fibres.

Wrennalls Dry Fusion carpet cleaning Service

At Wrennalls we always put the customer first and aim to provide them with the service they desire. In order to show potential and existing clients that we are serious about we do we are iSO 9001 certified. This shows our dedication to processes and quality control ensuring that you will always get the same level of service from us here at Wrennalls.

Please do get in touch with a member of the Wrennalls team if you would like to find out more information about our dry fusion carpet cleaning service or any of the other services that we provide here at wrennalls.

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