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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services – By Wrennalls

How do you choose a commercial carpet cleaning services company and what should you look for when choosing one? Nowadays there are many home care methods for carpets but nothing quite comes close to a carpet after being commercially cleaned. This post will outline some of the main things you should ask yourself and the company you want to do business with.

What exactly is commercial carpet cleaning?

Most customers come to us unsure of what exactly commercial carpet cleaning is – commercial carpet cleaning can briefly be defined as a method of carpet cleaning that uses the latest methods and technologies to ensure that a carpet remains healthy and clean. With the Wrennalls Commercial Carpet cleaning services we are able to tailor our services to best suit your needs; giving you the best looking carpet and restoring the carpet to its former glory. We have a variety of innovative cleaning systems that can cater for all carpet types.

What certifications do Wrennalls have?

Wrennalls are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the best service and that the level of service is consistent across all services and products that we supply. With any purchase it is important for potential customers/clients to feel reassured with the company they are starting a business relationship with – At Wrennalls we have got our iSO 9001 which refers to our quality management systems that are in place and how our systems are fully certified. As well as the iSO 9001 we also obtained our iSO 14001 which refers to the environmental managed systems again which is all certified showing our dedication the environment and customers.

Finally, as well as priding ourselves on customer service and environmental compliance we also take into account our employees and their level of satisfaction whilst working for us; to prove this we have our OHSAS 18001 which provides us with a certification showing our dedication to health, safety and welfare management systems within the company.

What technology do wrennalls use?

You must ask any carpet cleaning company which methods and technologies they use to perform the commercial carpet cleaning. The successfulness of the clean often comes down to two main things, the people you employ to do the work and the tools that they use. The world of commercial carpet cleaning is dominated by lots of technological advancements to better aid those doing the carpet cleaning and get the best result for you, the customer. Here at Wrennalls we offer the most up-to-date services one of which being our Dry Fusion carpet cleaning service; this service is one of the only carpet cleaning systems that is able to heat clean, deodorise, protect from stains and also get rid of any deep stains that may be stuck in your carpet. With all the technology and methods used at Wrennalls we ensure that our commercial carpet cleaning services leave your carpet clean deodorised and full of life again!

Wrennalls and our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

As mentioned above Wrennalls have acquired many certifications proving our dedication to customers and internal employees – We have been in the carpet, fabric and floor care specialist industry for over 30 years and in that time have served big corporate clients to small domestic projects. All of this experience means that the service you get from us here at Wrennalls will not only leave your carpet looking brand new and fresh but will also be a tailored commercial carpet cleaning service to you.

If you have any questions regarding our Commercial Carpet Cleaning service here at Wrennalls or any of the other services that we offer then please do get in touch with a member of the team today and we can start transforming your neglected carpet into something you can be extremely proud of and show off.